Fruit Crouch/Lapfruit series 

Margarita #6 2018 20x20 SOLD

Seedless 24x24 NFS

Feels good..and right 12x12 NFS

Red Zuchini 2022 10x10

July 7 SOLD

Orange Tea 12x12 


Just Melon 12x12 SOLD

Lemons 12x12 SOLD

Blue Orange 12x12 SOLD

Red Lemons 12x12 SOLD

Yellow Vest 12x12

Squash 12x14 SOLD

Regrettable Crop 12x12 damaged NFS

Smells like squash 12x12 SOLD

Plan 12x12

Little Babies SOLD

Opossum 12x12

golden pine gallery

Javier 12x12 SOLD

Little squash 12x12SOLD

Fast Orange 12x12 SOLD

Pick 12x12 SOLD

Fatal Orange 12x12

Pepper Legs 12x12

Japanese 12x12

Little eggplant SOLD

Last Soup 12x12 

Under Orange 12x12

Corner plant 12x12 SOLD

down 12x12


Sweet Glove- 12x12


Noticed 2021 12x12

Oranges 2012 24x18


12x12 2023 NFS

Lady with Necklace 2004 16x20

Lapskin Pie 2006 20x16

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